Homemaker is a person who manages his or her own family, especially as a principle occupation. He or she is the one who is always contended with the happiness of her family. This site would specially be dedicated to all homemakers to make modern  home making easy.

Coming from a Gujarati foodie family I grew up seeing my mom’s happy and satisfied face when her recipes were appreciated by us, seeing my mom and nani cook I was always fascinated by the way they use to experiment and cook food for everyone be it some party food or regular food so swiftly and perfect. That is from where I got my hobby from, like them I also feel happy when people eat the food I cook happily and tastefully.

Now after getting married in a Bengali foodie family the love for cooking grew even more because of the totally different cooking culture.

I  SMITAL  GHOSH with the support of my husband and family is completing my passion for cooking by creating this website, where I’ve written the recipes that I’ve tried and turned out really good. I believe in altering the recipe and creating a new one. I read many recipes of any particular dish that I am making and then try either the one I feel is the best or combine many and make up my own . I am personally a fussy eater and love to try different dishes and different cuisines. This blog is about the dishes that I’ve tried and I like, it is also about the kitchen hacks from my mom’s kitchen diaries and about few kitchen helpful gadgets that I’ve come across.

I will sincerely appreciate your feedback and suggestions and will keep sharing the same in my blog.